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Adventure Course

The Adventure course basically deals with school students, teachers and adults who are exposed to various outward-bound activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Bush Craft, River Crossing, Lectures, Camping, Cooking, Navigation, study of flora and fauna, their conservation and many other activities. Through these activities, trainees realize the potential of their characters, strength and weaknesses, both physical and mental, and ability to lead an active life under any natural condition.

 It teaches what no class room can teach, the course which inculcates in young minds and bodies the very essence of individual skills and team work. This course is very popular, heavily booked and invariably over subscribed by the leading schools of India. 

Day to Day Activities of Adventure Course (15 Days)

Day 01

Arrival, Reception and Instructions about Course.

Day 02-03



Reveille & Retreat, Adventure Conditioning,  Obstacle race(Lecture/Demonstration), Distribution into Patrols, Administrative Talk, Opening Address, Tea with Staff, Visit to NIM Campus & Museum. Oath Ceremony, Introduction to Mountaineering Equipment, Issue of Equipment, Medical Inspection, Packing of Rucksack, Deposition of Cash & Valuables, Lecture on Mountain Manners & Customs, Tent Pitching (Bivouacing), Oath Ceremony,  Introduction to Rope, Coiling of Rope, Rope Knots, Roping up,   Briefing for first outing, Games, Library and Training Film.


Day 04-06




Adventure Conditioning, Reveille, Trek to Tekhla, Establishment of Camp,  Principles of Rock Climbing/Holds, Bouldering, Anchoring, Belaying, Rappelling, Lecture on Camp Hygiene & Sanitation,  Rock Terminology, Bivouacing Practice & Competition,  closing of Camp, Cleaning of Camp Area and Night March to NIM.



Day 07-08


Reveille & Retreat, Move to Rawara by bus, Stream Crossing, Obstacle  Race  Practice, Maintenance & Exchange of Equipment, Sport Climbing (L/D/P), Multi Obstacle, Map Reading De-briefing of I Outing, Briefing for  II Outing,  Games/Library and Training Film.

Day 09-12



Reveille, Trek to Sankurni Khal (Point to Point March competition),  Move to Chaurangi Khal by Bus, Establishment of Camp, Lecture on Acclimatization. Preparation for move to Sem Nagraaja Temple, Trek to Sem Nagraaja Temple & back, Move to Chaurangi Khal by bus, preparation for Camp Fun and Camp Fun practice. Adventure Conditioning, Lecture on Bush Craft,



Trek to Nachiketa Tal (Bush Craft) and Back to Chaurangi Khal, Closing of Camp, Cleaning of Camp Area, Move to NIM by Bus.


Day 13-14



Reveille & Retreat,  Lecture on First Aid, Artificial Wall Climbing  Practice & Competition,  Cross Country Race Competition, Lecturette  Competition,  Obstacle Race Competition, Maintenance & Return of Equipment/Medical Inspection, Feed Back, Collection of Cash & Valuables, Visit to NIM Souvenirs, Rehearsal of Graduation Ceremony/Group Photograph, Feed Back, Principal’s Interview,  De-briefing, Issue of NIM Jersey.


 Seating Arrangement, Graduation Ceremony, Tea with Chief Guest, Group Photograph, Return of NIM Jersey and Return Signature on Oath Register.


Day 15


Dispersal After morning Tea.


Inter Patrol Competition will be held for the following activities

(a) Point to Point March                 (b) Cross Country Race                (c) Obstacle Race        

(d) Bivouacing                               

Individual Competitions will be held for the following activities

(a ) Lecturette        (b) Obstacle Race            (c) Cross Country Race              (e) Sport Climbing 


* Note: Duration of outdoor / schedule may vary according to weather conditions

NIM conducts 05 Adventure courses every year as mentioned below:

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