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Search & Rescue Course (S & R)

Search & Rescue Course has been introduced as a regular course to be conducted once in a year since December 1992.


Trainees graded 'A' only in the Advance Mountaineering Course from NIM, HMI Darjeeling, JIM Pehalgam, ITBP training Auli, MAS Manali and SGMI, Gangtok, AMI Siachen and HAWS Gulmarg are eligible for this course.


The course covers Search & Rescue operations in the Himalayas with particular reference to Rescue techniques on rock, snow and ice, First-aid, Mountain Navigation, Radio Telephony, Liaison with various organizations and their involvement during Rescue operations, Audio and Visual communication Signals and evacuation methods including use of helicopters.


The course is primarily intended to assist the hill district authorities and other organizations to establish their own Search & Rescue cells. 

Day By Day Activities of Search & Rescue Course (21 Days)

Day 01


Arrival, Reception and Instructions about Course.


Day 02

NIM Physical Training,  Distribution of Rescue Team,  Administrative Talk, Opening address, Tea with Staff, Visit to NIM Campus,  Medical Inspection, Issue of Equipment, Concept and Conduct of Search and Rescue Operations in the Indian Himalaya, Lecture on First Aid-I, Visit to NIM Souvenirs shop & Museum and Training Film.


Day 03

Hill Walk with Loaded Rucksacks, Revision of Rope Knots, Coiling of Rope & Roping up, Communication system (Characteristics and use of various types of Sets-HF/UHF/VHF/Walkie-Talkies, Introduction and use of Satellite Phone), Lecture on First Aid-II, Revision and Practice on GPS & Map Reading,  Games, Library and Training Film.


Day 04

NIM  Preparation for move to Matli, Move to Matli by Bus, Helicopter Rescue (Demand Procedure for Helicopter, Characteristics of Helicopters, Marking/Improvisation of Helipads, Guidance to Helicopters and Winching up of Casualty),   Role of the ITBP Specifically with regard to Search & Rescue operation, Return to NIM by bus, Introduction of Rescue Stretcher, Making of Improvise Stretcher, Making of Alpine Basket, Rope Ladder & Burma Bridge (L/D/P), Use of Tripod and Carriage of Manual System, Games, Library and Own Time Work.  


Day 05-09



LECTURE, DEMONSTRATION  AND  PRACTICE Cleaning & Layout of Hostel, Trek to Tekhla,  Revision of Basic & Advance Rock Craft, Advance Rescue Technique Palon, Double Marina, Italian Anchor/Instant Tyrolean Traverse,  Lecture on Acclimatization Rescue Techniques on Rock: Face Rescue/Carriage of Casualty,  Cliff Rescue, Chimney Rescue,  Tyrolean Traverse, Piggy Bag (Group Rescue), Assisted Method (One Man Rescue), Audio and Visual Signals/International Distress Signal, Revision of all Rescue Techniques, Return to NIM, Games/Library and Own Time Work.


Day 10



Cleaning & Layout of Hostel, Briefing for Rescue Exercise & Finding the Location of Casualty on Map & Map to Ground,  Parvat Khoj Bachao (Tree Line) with help of Map & GPS, Briefing & De-Briefing of Rescue Team forwarding of Report Games, Library & Own Time Work.


Day 11

Cleaning /Layout of Hostel. Preparation for move to River Bank, Move to River Bank by bus, Mountain Stream Rescue (L/D/P), Return to NIM, Briefing for move to Mountain, Crampon fitting & Exchange of Equipment, Preparation for move to mountain, Games/Library.


Day 12

TEL CAMP HEIGHT-8, 200 FT (2500 M) TIME- 4 Hrs  Cleaning & Layout of Hostel, Deposition of Baggage at Locker Room, Issue of Pack Break Fast, Loading of Rucksack on the bus, Visit to NIM Temple, Move to Bhuki by bus, Trek to Tel camp, Establishment of camp, Hot Lunch, and Practice on Valdutain, Jummaring, Machard Practice and Own Time Work.


Day 13

GUJJAR HUT CAMP:  HEIGHT-11, 150 FT (3399M) : TIME 7 Hrs.

Trek to Gujjar Hut Camp, Establishment of Camp and Own Time Work.


Day 14


 Rescue Exercise: HIM Parvat Bachao/Briefing for Rescue Exercise & Finding the Location of Casualty on Map & Map to Ground, Rescue techniques on Snow (making of ski Sledge & Practice), Parvat Khoj Bachao (Snow Line) with the help of Map & GPS and Acclimatization walk to Khera Tal


Day 15

BASE CAMP HEIGHT-12,300 FEET (3750 M) TIME- 2 Hrs

Trek to Base Camp, Establishment of Camp, Introduction and use of GAMOW Bag and Oxygen Equipment.


Day 16 - 18



Lecture & Practice on Avalanche Rescue, Use of Avalanche Rescue Equipment, Trek to Glacier, Revision of all Basic & Advance Technique of Ice,  Lecture on Survival, Organizing an Avalanche Rescue Team, Practice on Rescue techniques on Ice and Snow, Crevasse Rescue, Ice Wall Rescue, Lecture on Signal –Panel and Manual (Ground to Air), Making of a Helipad and Helicopter Rescue (Winching up of Casualty from Crevasse), Lecture on Improvised Shelter and Living, Lecture & Discussion on Search & Rescue Operation and, Discussion on Search & Rescue operations and Practice on First Aid. Field Exercise: Above Snow Line (Day & Night) Feed Back and Written Test.


Day 19

Trek to Tel Camp, Establishment of Camp, Maintenance of equipment, Rehearsal of Graduation Ceremony


Day 20

Trek to Bhuki, Move to NIM by Bus, Maintenance of Equipment, Return of Equipment, Medical Inspection, Collection of Cash & Valuables, Visit to local place of Interest by Bus.


Day 21



Rehearsal of Graduation Ceremony/ Group Photograph, Principal’s Interview, Principal’s De-briefing / Closing Address, Preparation for Graduation Ceremony, Seating Arrangement, Issue of NIM Jersey, Graduation   Ceremony, Tea with Chief Guest, Group Photograph with Chief Guest, Return of NIM Jersey.

Day 22

DISPERSAL After morning Tea.

* Note: Duration of outdoor may vary according to weather conditions.

NIM is presently the only institute in India conducting certified Search & Rescue Course.

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