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Special Course


These courses are run by the Institute for different organizations on request. 


In addition, training is conducted on request for Military, Para Military Forces, Police, Schools, PSU's, Government Bodies  and other organizations. Rock climbing courses are conducted by NIM Instructors at various clubs and other organizations, all over India during the lean period. Pre expedition training is especially conducted for IMF sponsored National and other expeditions on request.

Unlike NIM's regular courses Special courses are full cost basis courses specifically designed as  per the requirement by the clients. Theses customized courses can be conducted in the NIM Campus, Tekhla Training Area, Mountaineering Training Area (Dokriani Bamak) depending upon the type of activities required for the course.

Write a mail to for more details on special courses.

Special Adventure Course - AFMC Pune

11 Jan - 17 Jan 2019

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