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Advance Mountaineering Course

AMC aims at training the trainees to become potential leaders and members of expeditions into the Great Himalayas and to churn out 'Lead Climbers', the duration of this course is also 28 days.


One is eligible for an AMC only if he/she had got an ‘A’ Grade in Basic Mountaineering Course from any of the recognized mountaineering institutes.


Besides brushing up their basic techniques, the following are also taught.


The objectives of the Advance Course are:


  • Advance techniques of climbing on rock, snow and ice

  • Planning and Execution of an expedition in the Great Himalayas

  • Scientific and technical aspects of mountaineering and allied subjects


Trainees are given an exercise on planning an expedition to a peak above 5500 Meters / 18,000 feet which is actually executed by them in the mountains of Garhwal Himalayas, under supervision of NIM Instructional Staff.

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