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Thalay Sagar

The Administrative Block “Thalay Sagar”-named after one of the most difficult mountains of the Garhwal Himalaya houses the offices of Principal, Vice Principal, Registrar, Accounts Branch, Training Wing, Chief Instructor and the Instructor’s room. The building is an Architects delight!


Himalayan Museum

The Himalayan Museum is a major attraction of this institute. The museum has been expanded and renovated over the years. This museum showcases mountaineering, Himalayan ecology, ethos and culture. Equipped with modern facilities, this museum especially attracts the trainees coming to the Institute and the guests coming from India and abroad.

The geographical pattern of the Himalayan River glacier has been shown through projection system through interactive devices. Prodigious information about mountaineering techniques and mountaineers has been made available to visitors through modern techniques.

Jai Harsh Bahuguna Auditorium

NIM has a state of the art auditorium with a seating capacity of 250 trainees. The building is named after two very renowned Mountaineer brothers Jai Bahuguna and Harsh Bahuguna.

NIM Auditorium_edited.jpg

Brig Gyan Sport Climbing Arena

Brig Gyan Sport Climbing Arena is equipped with artificial climbing walls for Bouldering, Speed Climbing and Lead Climbing. NIM hosted National Sport Climbing Championship at this arena in 2022

Brig Gyan Hall Sport Climbing Arena_edited.jpg

Chaukhamba Block

“Chaukhamba” the Establishment Block- named after the mighty Badrinath Peaks, houses the Medical Section, NIM Technical Stores, The Dias Memorial Fund Stores, Quarter Master Section and Stores, the Estate Section and the Equipment Manufacturing Unit. This building on four pillars, houses the administrative echelons of the Institute.

Nanda Devi - Library

NIM has a unique library for its trainees and mountaineering aspirants. Its collection of more than 4500 books related to adventure & mountaineering makes it different from other libraries.

NIM Gymnasium (4).jpeg


The latest addition to our facilities at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering – our state-of-the-art gymnasium! Physical fitness is paramount for mountaineers and adventure enthusiasts. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety, stamina, and performance during high-altitude expeditions.

Recognizing this, we have designed and equipped our gymnasium to cater specifically to the unique needs of mountaineers.
At NIM, we are committed to providing our trainees and mountaineering enthusiasts with the best resources to enhance their physical fitness and overall well-being.

Cafe Himalaya

Cafeteria “Café Himalaya” also adorns this complex, where light refreshments and snacks are available on payment to the visitors and trainees. It also houses a Cyber Café, where Internet facilities are available, a popular hub of the Institute!

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