Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC)

The Basic Mountaineering Course is the foundation course in which men and women are initiated into mountaineering.


The objectives of BMC are:


  • To teach the basic techniques of movement on rock, snow and ice

  • Theoretical and practical aspects of mountaineering and its allied subjects, like Map reading, Navigation, Weather, Medicines, Mountain Hygiene etc

  • To inculcate the right attitude amongst the trainees enabling them to view mountaineering as an art and not just a physical or adventure activity.

  • To motivate people from all walks of life to higher endeavor.

  • To make available to the trainees, suitable and relevant literature and reading material on mountaineering.

  • To teach them how to make themselves comfortable and manage their health in the mountain environment.

  • To introduce them to conservation of Himalayan environment.

  • To toughen their bodies by increasing their resistance to cold, hunger and fatigue.

The trainees of BMC spend initial 8 - 9 days at NIM Campus and Tekhla Rock area where they undergo physical conditioning, extensive rock climbing training, map reading, mountain weather, mountain health etc. Trainees thereafter spend next 13 - 14 days in the mountains.


Approach to the Base Camp which is the training area for ice and snow craft involves 2-3 intermediate camps, which helps the trainees acclimatize. During their stay in the mountains, students are trained in the basic techniques of snow craft, ice craft at high altitudes. On completion of training, basic course students are taken for a height gain, up to altitudes ranging between 14,000 and 16,000 feet.

Day by Day Activities of Basic Mountaineering Course (28 Days)

Day 01

Arrival, Reception and Instructions about Course.


Day 02


NIM Physical Training, Hill Walk with loaded rucksack,  Distribution of  Ropes, Administrative Talk cum Opening  Address, Tea with Staff, Visit to NIM Campus & Museum, Introduction to Mountaineering Equipment,  Issue of Equipment, Medical Inspection, Introduction to Ropes, Care  & Maintenance,  Coiling of Ropes, Rope knots and Roping up. Packing of Rucksack and Tent Pitching/Selection of Camp Site, Visit to NIM Souvenirs Shop, Mountain Manners  & Customs, First Aid I & II. Deposition of cash & Valuables, Library/Games and Training Film.


Day 03-07




Trek to Tekhla, Instructor’s Prayer, Principles of Rock Climbing, Holds, Bouldering, Rock climbing , Anchoring and Belaying, Rappelling, Making of improvised Seat Harness , Long pitch Climbing, Lectures  on  History of Indian Mountaineering, Rock Terminology, Camp Hygiene & Sanitation , History of Indian Mountaineering, Map Reading I,  Fix Rope, Revision of all Rock Craft Techniques, Return to NIM by bus, Fitting of Crampon & Gaiter, exchange of equipment, Map Reading-II, Weather, Acclimatization, Library/Games and  Training Film.


Day 08

NIM Physical Training, Lecture, Demonstration and practice on Artificial wall climbing (In Door/ Out Door), Knots, Coiling of Ropes and Roping up, Lecture on Himalaya, Fitting of Crampon & Exchange of Equipment, Briefing for move to mountain, Return of Library Books & Preparation for move to mountain.


Day 09

TEL CAMP (HEIGHT-8, 200 FT  TIME- 4 Hrs)

Visit to NIM Temple, Move to Bhuki by bus, Trek to Tel camp, Establishment of camp, Acclimatization Walk.


Day 10


Cleaning of Camp site, Trek to Gujjar Hut, Establishment of Camp.


Day 11


Cleaning of Camp site, Trek to Base Camp and Establishment of Camp.  Fitting of Crampons & Gaiters, Lecture on  First Aid –I.


Day 12-18


Instructor’s Prayer, Introduction to Ice craft Equipment, Ascending/ Descending on Ice slopes with Ice Axe and Crampons.  Anchoring/ Belaying, Rappelling, Use of Ice Pitons, Fixed Ropes, Jummaring, Crevasse Crossing and Rescue, Mountain Hazards, First Aid-II, Avalanche, Glacier, Medical Aspects, Map Reading Practice, Games/ Library /Training Film and Rope Knots Practice.


Day 19


Load Ferry to Advance Base Camp, Return to Base Camp and Practice on Map Reading/GPS.

Day 20-21


Instructor’s Prayer,  Introduction to Snow Craft Equipment, Ascending, Descending on Snow Slopes,  Anchoring, Belaying, Self Arrest/Team arrest, Glissading , Maintenance of Equipment and  Camping in Snow etc.


Day 22

HEIGHT GAIN,  Cleaning of Camp site, Return to Base Camp and Preparation for Quiz Test.


Day 23

Feed Back, Quiz Test, Navigation Exercise, Maintenance of Equipment, Rope Knots Test.


Day 24

Trek to Tel Camp, Establishment of Camp, Maintenance of Equipment, Rehearsal of Graduation Ceremony.


Day 25

Trek to Bhuki Road Head, Move to NIM by Bus, Maintenance of Equipment, Collection of Cash & Valuables, Visit to Local Place of Interest by Bus and Own Time Work.


Day 26-27


Maintenance/Return of Equipment, Medical Inspection, Trek to Kuteti Devi Temple & Back. Rehearsal of Graduation Ceremony, Group Photograph, Visit to NIM Souvenirs, Principal’s Interview, Principal’s De-briefing, Own Time Work,  Preparation for Graduation Ceremony, Issue of NIM Jersey, Graduation  Ceremony, Tea with Chief Guest, Group Photograph with Chief Guest, Return of NIM Jersey and Library books.


Day 28

DISPERSAL After morning Tea.

* Note: Duration of outdoor / schedule may vary according to weather conditions

NIM conducts 05 BMC courses every year as mentioned below:

Shri Rajnath Singh

Hon'ble Raksha Mantri

Govt of India

Shri Trivendra Singh Rawat

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Govt of Uttarakhand

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