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Himalaya Museum

The Himalaya Museum is a major attraction of this institute. The museum has been expanded and renovated over the years. This museum showcases mountaineering, Himalayan ecology, ethos and culture. Equipped with modern facilities, this museum especially attracts the trainees coming to the Institute and the guests coming from India and abroad.

The geographical pattern of the Himalayan River glacier has been shown through a projection system through interactive devices. Prodigious information about mountaineering techniques and mountaineers has been made available to visitors through modern techniques. It is the only modern technology-equipped museum of its kind in mountaineering museums in India, which depicts multifaceted mountaineering techniques and Himalayan ecosystem. This museum helps general visitors and children to understand the complexities of mountaineering techniques and the mountainous terrain system of the Himalayan region through simple means.

Apart from this, information about wildlife, rare Himalayan stones, rivers and glaciers and mountaineering equipment inside the museum is provided in Hindi and English languages. The museum also displays personal materials and equipment used by some of the prominent mountaineers. Showcasing the cultural equipment of the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand state, this museum gives the status of a special museum. The exquisite adorable and intricated wood carving is also a major attraction of the Museum building. The main objective of this museum is to easily display to the general public and researchers the equipment used in the Himalayan region and mountaineering and to make researchers, trainees and general visitors aware through informal education.

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