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  • What is Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM)?
    NIM is a premier mountaineering institute in India, located in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand. It offers various mountaineering and adventure courses and is known for its contribution to the development of mountaineering skills and adventure activities in the country.
  • What courses are conducted at NIM?
    Presently NIM conducts the following courses. BasicMountaineering Course Advance Mountaineering Course Search & Rescue Course Method of Instruction Course Adventure Course Skiing Course Sport Climbing Course Mountain Terrain Biking Course
  • Are NIM courses open to foreigners?
    Yes, NIM courses are open to both Indian and foreign nationals. Infact, seats are reserved for foreign nationals in all courses. A foreign candidate can apply one day prior to commencement of the course directly at the institute. For details please write a mail to
  • How can I enroll in NIM courses?
    To enroll in NIM courses, you need to check the course schedule, and follow the online application process. You can Apply Online for the course you are eligible for. Detailed instructions and eligibility criteria are provided for each course.
  • What is the eligibility criteria for NIM courses?
    Eligibility criteria vary depending on the course. Generally, participants should be physically fit and meet age requirements. Specific eligibility details are available in the course descriptions on our course schedule which can be downloaded from our website.
  • What is the duration of NIM courses?
    Course durations vary, coursewise details below: BasicMountaineering Course - 28 days Advance Mountaineering Course 28 days Search & Rescue Course - 21 days Method of Instruction Course - 21 days Adventure Course - 14 days Skiing Course - 14 days Sport Climbing Course - 11 days Mountain Terrain Biking Course - 11 days
  • Is there an age limit for NIM courses?
    Age limits vary by course. Please review the Course Schedule / Training Programme on our website to find information about specific age requirements.
  • Do I need prior mountaineering experience to join NIM courses?
    Adventure, Basic Mountaineering, Sport Climbing, Basic Skiing and Basic MTB courses are designed for beginners with no prior experience. However, advance courses require participants to have completed basic courses with 'A' grade.
  • How can I pay the course fees?
    Course fees can be paid online through the payment link received on submitting the form while applying online. The same link is also forwarded on the email Id used while applying.
  • Is accommodation and food included in the course fees?
    Yes, course fees typically include accommodation and meals during the course duration. Accommodation is provided in NIM's well-equipped hostel, dormitories and dining facilities.
  • What should I pack for a mountaineering course at NIM?
    Separate recommended packing checklists for Adventure courses and for mountaineering courses are available in the downloads section of our website.
  • What is recommended for physical conditioning before joining the mountaineering course?
    The following is recommended for physical conditioning before joining the course:- Endurance training of minimum 5 km with 15 kgs backpack for 1 month before joining the course. Breathing exercises eg: yoga. Proper stretching. The trainee should ideally be capable to doing 20 push ups and 05 pull ups. Jogging or cardio exercise for 30 min every day to build up your stamina. Cross training twice a week. Climbing /swimming/cycling/or any running sport of your choice. Proper nutrition and recovery. Keep monitoring your B.P. for minimum one month before course. Person with high B.P. are not recommended to attend the course.
  • What safety measures does NIM have in place during courses?
    Safety is a top priority at NIM. Our courses are conducted by experienced instructors, and we follow strict safety protocols. We provide essential safety gear, conduct medical check-ups, and ensure proper acclimatization during high-altitude courses.
  • Can I rent equipment from NIM?
    Yes, NIM provides mountaineering equipment on a rental basis. You can find information about equipment Hire Charges on our website.
  • How can I contact NIM for further inquiries?
    You can reach out to us through the contact information provided on our website, including email addresses and phone numbers or drop us a message through the contact form on website.
  • In what conditions a trainee can be debarred from the course?
    A trainee is liable to be debarred from continuing with the course under the following conditions:- (a) Substance abuse (b) Alcohol consumption (c) Severe indiscipline endangering life, limb of himself of other trainee(s) (d) Obstructing the conduct of the course.
  • What is recommended for physical conditioning before joining the Mountain Terrain Biking Course?
    The following is recommended for physical conditioning before joining the MTB course:- Try to cycle at least three times per week. Cycle on varied terrains including some hills at the weekend. Do longer rides at the weekend. Start out with a distance or time you are comfortable with. This might range from 30mins for someone who has not exercised for a while, to an hour or more for someone who has cycled before. Record the distance that you cover in your initial rides to see your Performance. (Strava app) recommended. Variety can be added including a gym/spin class, riding to work and changing your route. You can train at home if you have access to a home cycle trainer (turbo trainer). But we recommend completing the longer rides at the weekend. Begin slowly if you have not cycled for some time. Stretching & Cooling down is necessary after every Ride.
  • What is recommended diet for Mountain Terrain Biking Course?
    DIET & NUTRITION Carbohydrates are the best source of food for your muscles – eat beans, rice, wholegrain, fruit and vegetables. Avoid alcohol and caffeine – they make you dehydrated. Nibble during long rides – for rides of more than two hours try to eat a little as you go to replenish your muscle glycogen. Try bananas, cereal bars or dried fruit. Refuel after long rides– eat or drink carbohydrate-rich food during the hour (ideally in the first 20 Minutes) following a long ride to experience the benefits. Water is needed to produce sweat and keep you cool. Don’t wait until you are thirsty or your mouth is dry. Try to have two water bottle cages on your bike to reduce the need to stop as often. If you like using energy drinks limit their consumption to 1 liter for every 2 liters of water. Drink little and often – small amounts of water every 15 minutes. You should drink at least 1 liter of water per hour while walking. Eat foods containing sodium – this can help your body absorb the water it needs.
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